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Our Tanning Services

Giving You a Tan That You Will Love

For first-rate UV and spray tanning services, trust none other than Beach Bums Tanning in Thibodaux, LA. With our reasonable rates, you can get a tan any season of the year without breaking the bank. We gladly accept walk-in clients, but spray-tanning sessions are by appointment only.

We use state-of-the-art equipment for our treatments to ensure that you will be happy with the results. In February 2017, we will be adding 2 new beds. Here are the tanning beds and booths we currently use:

Stand-up tanning booth

Eight-Minute Stand Up – SunScape 756V

Lay-down tanning bed

10-Minute Lay Down – Sunfire X3

Stand-up tanning unit

10-Minute Stand Up – Sundome XL48

Lay-down tanning unit

15-Minute Lay Down – Montego Bay Cobra

Tanning Packages

Basic Package

Paradise Package

Beach Bums Package

Spray Tan Package


Grand Isle


Both 20-minute lay-down beds


Panama: 10-minute stand up

Cancun: 15-minute lay down


Cabo: 10-minute lay down

Punta Cana: 10-minute lay down

Bahamas: Eight-minute stand up


Three-Hour Solution

24-Hour Solution

One Month: $35.00

One Month: $55.00

One Month: $75.00

Three-Hour Solution:
$40.00 per session

24-Hour Solution:
$35.00 per session

Three Months: $95.00

Three Months: $150.00

Three Months: $200.00

Five Sessions: $100.00

Per Session: $6.00

Per Session: $12.00

Per Session: $20.00

Ten Sessions: $180.00

EFT Packages

EFT will be drawn out of your account on the first day of every month. Our EFT options are:

Six-Month EFT

One-Year EFT

Beach Bums: $66.00 per month

Beach Bums: $63.00 per month

Paradise: $48.00 per month

Paradise: $46.00 per month

Basic: $30.00 per month

Basic: $29.00 per month

EFT Rules:

  • If you choose to participate in EFT, you are allowed to freeze your account once every 6 months.
  • You must call Beach Bums Tanning to cancel 10 days prior to EFT expiring.
  • If your card is declined, you will be asked to pay cash for the month that it was declined.

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